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Wow how did I get to be 62 so quickly!! I have lots of passions one being travelling around Australia in our Camper trailer "Myrtle". We have already had 12 month on the road seeing a lot of Western Australia and South Australia and are now heading of to see some of the East Coast. I would love to have you join in on my adventure of travel and also my other passions which are my family, my jewellery business, my crafts and anything else that takes my fancy. You are most welcome to come along for the ride.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Batemans Bay Memories

Well I'm now home after a wonderful week in Batemans Bay visiting my son Shane, his wife Stacey and my two adorable grandsons O'Shea (4 yrs) and Finn (20 mths). My little holiday consisted of looking after the boys for a couple of days while Mum and Dad went skiing.

Shane & Stacey off having some grown up time

Get a load of O'Sheas beautiful eyes
We had a day at Mogo Zoo which is a privately owned zoo in the historic mining village of Mogo. Mogo Zoo has had success in breeding programs for endangered species such as Snow Leopards, cotton-top Tamarin, Red Panda and the Sumartran Tiger. It is also one of two zoos in Australia that exhibit White Lions. One of the most popular animals at the zoo would have to be the pair of male southern white Rhinos. Weighing up to 4000kg and standing up to 1.8 metres tall, the zoos two newest and largest residents are brothers "Kei" and "Jabari". The two brothers now have to be house separately as they are both coming into the breeding age and may fight for their ground if housed together. We were lucky enough to be there at the right time to see Jabiri have a feed.

Lunchtime at the Zoo just before Finn called it a day and fell asleep.
One very big Rhino
We also had a couple of days where we did a bit of fishing. No luck with the fish but it was still a bit of fun.

The Heritage Bakery in historic Milton, built in 1870 was a great choice for our lunch.
Probably the best curry pie I have had in a long while. 
Beautiful spot for fishing even though it was quite chilly (actually freezing!)
and we didn't catch anything. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Batemans Bay Boys

Day Two of our road trip went well and the further north we got to clearer the skies got. With each kilometre I got a little bit more excited about seeing my two little grandson O'Shea (4) and Finn (1) as I hadn't seen them for quite a while. As soon as O'Shea saw me he ran to me and gave me a huge hug. Finn wasn't to sure at first but it only took about half an hour and he was hugging me as well. Today their Mummy and Daddy (my son Shane and his wife Stacey) headed off to Perisher for a few days skiing. It's the first time they have had a few days away without the boys and I get to indulge in their little personalities. Considering they are not used to being away from their parents they weren't fazed at all when Shane and Stacey headed off. I am so lucky to have the most adorable four grandchildren in my life. Oh I almost forgot I'm also babysitting Bosco the dog as well.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Road Trip Day One

This morning we headed off early on our first part of our road trip to Batemans Bay. Why are we going  to Bateman's Bay, well my son and his family live there and we're going up to look after my two little grandsons O'Shea and Finn, while Mummy and Daddy go off skiing. From home Batemans Bay it's just over 759 kilometres and would take about 9 hours to drive so we usually do the drive over two days. We did have full intentions of heading off very early but as usual we got held up and didn't end up leaving until about 9.00am. How come even though we are only going for a week the back of the car looks as though we are heading of on another major trip!!!
A Very Full Car!!!
The trip went along without any hitches although it has rained almost all the way. At one of our toilet stops I did have the feeling that I was being watched by the locals! 
Being watched by the locals!!
Tonight's we are staying in the seaside township of Lakes Entrance. As the names suggests, Lakes Entrance is the entry point from the ocean to the Gippsland Lakes. The Gippsland Lakes are Australia's largest and most beautiful inland waterways. They consist of a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons, covering 600 square kilometres. We are now settled in for the night, there won't be much social activities (or swimming) while we are here as it is just way to old and wet!!! 
Anyone for a swim!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Babies Wedding

Wow how did we get to August already? I know we all say time flies - but hey it really does. My past few months have been very busy helping my daughter Rachel get organised for her wedding to Luke, which took place on July 25th. As a Mother of the bride I couldn't have been more proud of my girl. Her two daughters Clare and Mikayla (my beautiful granddaughters) were the adorable little flower girls. After the busyness of the wedding I looked after these two little amazing girls for the week which kept me on my toes. So this week has been a lot quieter than my past few months, so it's now time to do a blog update!!!
A collage of the wonderful day

I know I am bias but what a beautiful bride my baby girl made

Mikayla was just to adorable

Beautiful Clare - the innocence of being 4

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Echuca Escape

Echuca is a border town on the banks of the Murray and Campaspe Rivers. Echuca is on the Victorian side of the Murray and it's border sister town in New South Wales is Moama. Situated 215km north of Melbourne and 796km South of Sydney Echuca has a population of around 13000. This trip to Echuca was a sheer indulgence few days. We stayed at Madison Spa Resort which is a very nice accommodation. Our room had a large spa bath, which I took plenty of advantage of and a glorious view of the Australian bush from the huge picture window. Seeing we were staying at a spa resort with a day spa I also felt it my duty to check out the day spa. So I just had to have an hour massage. Might I say it was heaven.  I have been to Echuca many times and each time I find something new. Prior to going I had read about the The Great Aussie Beer Shed and Farm Machinery Museum and thought it might be worth a visit. To both our surprise it was a lot more interesting attraction than we thought. The amount of stuff that was in this shed was totally amazing. There were thousands upon thousand of beer cans, bottles etc. But it wasn't all beer stuff. There was a huge diverse range of soft drink articles, sporting paraphernalia, war artifacts and general Aussie stuff. 
I would really recommend anyone visiting the area definitely checking 
"The Great Aussie Beer Shed and Farm Machinery" out. 
Our room at the Madison Spa Resort
The view from our large picture window

The beautiful Murray River

The Great Aussie Beer Shed and Farm Machinery Museum

A tiny portion of the cans

Dead Mans PennyThe Dead Man’s Penny is a commemorative medallion which was presented to the next-of-kin of the men and women who died during World War One. The bronze medallion features an image of Lady Britannia surrounded by two dolphins (representing Britain’s sea power) and a lion (representing Britain) standing over a defeated eagle (symbolising Germany). Around the outer edge of the medallion are the words ‘He died for freedom and honour’. Next to Lady Britannia is the deceased solider’s name, with no rank provided to show equality in their sacrifice. The Dead Man’s Penny was accompanied by a letter from King George V, stating ‘I join with my grateful people in sending you this memorial of a brave life given for others in the Great War’.

Old Tatura Police Cell - Circa 1880

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Aussie Adventure Souvenir

I have always been a bit of a souvenir gatherer. Whilst living and travelling overseas in the 80's and 90's I collected spoons, flags (for my son), placemats, t-shirts and anything else that took my fancy. Luckily I have since grown out of this habit but while we were away on our 12 month Aussie Adventure I knew I really wanted on thing to be my souvenir. While in Alice Springs I wandered into a craft shop and saw some beautiful Aboriginal fabric. Straight away I realized that I wanted to make a quilt or doona cover with native fabric. I already had a couple of pieces of fabric I had bought in Hawaii and knew they would fit in perfectly. So during the 12 months I collected more beautiful Aboriginal designs. I decided to make a doona cover to use on our bed in the van (Myrtle). I have done patchwork and quilting for a very long time although haven't produced anything for a couple of years now. So I set myself a challenge for March and it was to complete my native doona cover. WooHoo it's finished and I just love how it has turned out. The fabrics I have used are so vibrant and cosy to sleep under. The back of the cover was a bit of an experiment. I bought some black sheeting fabric. My intention was to tye-dye it and have it black, red and yellow. But as the sheeting had polyester in it the bleach wouldn't take all of the black out and turned it brown. I wasn't to sure when I removed it from the washing machine but as I hung it on the line I knew this design was exactly what I wanted.
My Aussie Adventure Souvenir

Along my travels various pieces of fabric jumped
out at me wanting to be included in my project

The backing of the doona cover was a bit of an experiment